What Do Our Soldiers Look Like?

mother-soldier-sonOur current military is diverse, grand, and it is honorable. If we look at the faces of those who both serve and defend, we are likely to find a Mother, Father, Student, Child, and a Husband to name a few. Within each of the ranks, one can see an individual wearing a uniform of SOLDIER, MARINE, AIRMAN, SAILOR or GUARDSMAN/WOMAN from a variety of religious backgrounds sharing the same tent.  The talent and wealth of experience will include the professional with many years experience in both life and job to the newly graduated high school student who has never traveled outside his or her hometown. Whatever our SOLDIERS may look like, they face difficult and challenging days, and are called upon to make rapid and life-altering decisions. At the same time, they bond with one another and look to their team members to assure they are safely returned to their children, husbands, wives and parents after what may be long deployment(s) or separation(s). Their jobs are demanding and require not only skill and dedication, but a commitment to defend the very nation, its citizens and the Freedom of Speech enjoyed by each one of us.

No matter what our SOLDIERS look like, where they come from or what their faith is we will find many a common thread. Their selfless sacrifices as well as dedications to not only their individual units but to our country as a nation reminds us that even the strongest of the strong and best of the best may need assistance. While it may not be asked for, it MUST always be offered.

How can each American help?
In the words of one of our SOLDIERS “more than parades are needed” to help returning troops. There are so many ways to help our servicemen and women. Consider offering a ride to an appointment or babysit their children when a newly separated or widowed parent looks for a job. Reach out to returning VETERANS in your town and make a difference in their lives. If you have a job to fill consider the resume of a VETERAN knowing the skills they will bring to the position are invaluable. Donate whatever amount of money you can during a fund raiser to benefit our VETERANS. Even as we face struggles as a country one must NEVER forget that the very freedoms we enjoy come at great cost, but NONE more than directly to the VETERAN and his/her own family.