Ways You Can Help


military-father-daughters1. Grommet Outreach Program: We greatly appreciate the sacrifices and services made by our military personnel/families/neighbors. Please help us say “Thank You”. Submit a Name of an individual to receive this Letter of Appreciation along with their contact information to Kim West at info@facesofamericasbrave.com and a Thank You Letter/Grommet from a properly retired American flag will be sent to this recipient. Unless otherwise stated, by submitting this request, you are granting permission to Faces of America’s Brave to utilize your name as the requestor.

2. Interested in volunteering? Contact Kim West at 908-500-4020 (m) or via email at info@facesofamericasbrave.com or personally at kimpenistonwest@yahoo.com

3. Interested in donating? Please see DONATE NOW BUTTON. Any amount is appreciated and spent on SOLDIER/VETERAN related programs and expenses.

4. Have a talent that a VETERAN could use, but perhaps not afford? Please email Kim West at info@facesofamericasbrave.com or personally at kimpenistonwest@yahoo.com. The organization will partner you with a VETERAN in need.

5. See a SOLDIER/VETERAN? Be sure to thank them. Ask how they are doing.

6. Share If you are enjoying a meal out and see a VETERAN/SOLDIER, offer to pick up the tab if you can afford to.

7. Upload a picture of a military individual (with family or friends) to the FAB website at: www.facesofamericasbrave.com.

8. Post a comment: Help FAB tell their stories and see who they are and what those who serve look like. Encourage those who currently serve or are a Veteran to add their own words.  www.facesofamericasbrave.com

We all can help in so very many ways. What may seem like a small gesture to you can very well feel enormous to those who need whatever method of support you can offer! If you or someone you know in need of access to resources please refer to our Resource Page. Feel free to print this page and share.